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Week 15: Labor stories

lol - check out this cartoon:

So, I have been meaning to write about this for a bit; those who are following me on twitter may have also seen a few tweets about this.

I finally talked to my mom the other day for more details about how labor was for her. As in - how much does it actually hurt/what does it feel like? I still think that it's going to be one of those things that you have to experience for your own - I still don't feel like I know what it's going to be like too well. (of course, part of my problem may be that I always 'defined' my pain in categories due to sport injuries and so I probably have a different way of going about pain than other people! lol)

But, also - people don't often say too much about the pain. I mean, they say it does hurt (and open their eyes really big to get that point across), but at the same time, they then focus on the pushing and how tired you can get... So, the pain …

Week 15: Quickening

"Bubbles. Butterflies. Gas. These are all words used to describe what a baby's first movements feel like to a mother.

Quickening is defined as the first time you feel your baby move. This is a long anticipated event in every pregnancy.

If you are expecting your first baby you can expect to feel your baby for the first time between 18 and 24 weeks gestation. If this is not your first baby you can expect to feel your baby a bit sooner than you felt your first. This is usually said to happen because you know what you're feeling for and your uterus is more stretched out than it was the first time around." From, I wanted to write about this because I'm either having a new kind of gas/growling belly or I'm actually feeling baby :)I know, I know - it's early and probably not it, but it certainly is different! :) About 3 days ago - at the start of the weekend - I was lying in bed before getting up a…

Week 14: Belly Shots

Week 14 pictures up! With week 13, 12 and 5 to compare :)

Week 14

Week 13

Week 12

Week 5

Week 13: Belly Shots

A bit late, but here is my picture when I was done with week 13 and the old pictures for comparison:

Week 13 done!

Week 12 done!

Week 11 done!

Week 14: Pregnancy insomnia

So, I have been complaining about this on Twitter and have decided to officially gripe on my blog about my sleep cycle these last few days. I have anyways changed my sleep cycle once I got pregnant because I was, of course, TIRED beyond words. I don't nap, but changed things so that I was pretty much in bed between 10-11 pm (I would normally sleep around 12-1 am).

In the last week and half, I have been following that schedule, but I wake up at least once at 2:30-3:00 am. I always heard that people wake up during their pregnancy, but they always tie it to having to pee. I DON'T NEED TO PEE! WHY AM I WAKING UP?!!

My first reaction is that I am hot... we are getting into the really hot time in the DC area and in the past week and half, we got hot and humid. In order to combat the humidity (because there is not much of a 'cool off' at night and no breeze), we have to use the air conditioning. Normally during the summer, I have it set to 78 degrees at night; 76 if it…

Week 13: Pelvic Bone pain/dreams/sleeping

Sorry - I have been taking forever to write this... I'm just not feeling very verbal right now :) So, here are some random thoughts that I have been having:

For some reason, my pelvic bone is not happy :( I basically feel like I have a sore butt... I never bruised my tailbone, but at this rate I may know how that feels soon!!!!

Has anyone else had their butt hurt during pregnancy? Especially this early? It seems early to have something like this bugging me.

Most of the time, it's just sore, but twice I had two sharp pains (on the toilet, I think it was the position and hard bowl). Thanks for those who have tweeted about what it could be - I think you are right and it did make me feel better. That is, stretching and that sort of thing.

I also now wake up around 3 am each morning. I don't necessarily have to pee, but I still wake up. I also wake up around 6 am or so. I wake up for real at 7 am, but it takes me awhile to get going. I really don't…

Week 12: Dr's apt & 1st Trimester Screening

So, this past week I had both my second doctor's appointment and my 1st Trimester Screening. I have Care First (Blue Cross) which doesn't allow for procedures like the 1st Trimester Screening to be covered in my doctor's office, so I went to the Genetics & IVF Institute to get that screening done on Friday.

But, my regular doctor's appointment was on Wednesday and everything went pretty quickly. I had a mid-morning appointment which meant that I waited about a half hour to get in. Then, I did my urine sample, blood pressure (good) and waited in the room for my doctor. She came in and it was pretty quick where she just listen to the heartbeat - in the 160s/minute, good - and then just asked if I had questions. I really do think that they figure there is so much for people to read out there that they don't need to really tell us a lot of stuff... Or they figure we will ask. Which makes me think that really, in the end, not too many things will hurt you! At …

Week 12 Belly Shot and Baby picture :)

Here is my weekly belly shot (with week 11 and 5 next to it for comparison) and below pictures of our little guy/girl from the first trimester screening last Friday :)

So, I *think* I may be getting stretch marks. I'm not sure, but I have little red spots on my buttocks. :( I do have stretch marks (on my rear end again) from when I gained weight my first year of university so I guess it's too be expected. Hopefully it won't get very bad and I'm still not convience they are stretch marks, but I have a feeling they may show. I lotion up, but I know that the stretch marks come from deep in...

The other thing - my baby pictures are 2 ultra sounds and 1 3-D. They don't even ask me if I want the 3-D or not - they just do it! :) I'm not that crazy about it... however my mom - who didn't even have ultrasounds with us for the most part - thinks it's super cool because it's so in detail. I guess it'll look better as the baby develops a bit more!


Week 12: Dizziness!